Burham Trading

Welcome to BURHAM Trading specialists in procurement and suppliers of storage and equipment solutions for emergency services and industry. Burham Trading was born from demand partially from Volunteer fire brigades have trouble procuring equipment and storage solutions specific for their needs and has grown to become a key supplier to the CFA and other emergency services around Australia.



Firestation Gear Hooks

As well as manufacturing an ever growing range of turn out gear storage, operational equipment and general storage for emergency services and industry we can produce products to customer specifications. We also have a procurement service that can source most anything from lighting and generation to fire fighting branches if we cannot get the right product for the job at the right price we will find out where you can.


Turnout Gear Racks

We have been manufacturing turn out gear racks for many years and have installs all around Australia, as well as our standard designs we can produce to your specification. Our racks are designed for maximum space efficiency and made from quality materials and can be powder coated to your colour liking.





Fitted Out Firestation Equipment